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We are pleased to invite you to our town. We wish to familiarize you with its character and the prevailing here atmosphere as well as provide with basic information about our commune showing its value mainly of wildlife tourism and general character. 


Trzebinia is situated 40 km away from Cracow, 35 km from Katowice, 35 km from Balice International Airport and 62 km from Pyrzowice Airport. In addition there are direct railway connections with larger cities of Małopolska and Silesia and a well developed road system including the motorway A4. The local administrative district includes the town of Trzebinia and ten villages (Bolęcin, Czyżówka, Dulowa, Karniowice, Lgota, Młoszowa, Myślachowice, Piła Kościelecka, Płoki and Psary).


We wish everybody, who is going to visit our town, would recollect it as a nice encounter and remember it for a long time. We also hope that everybody enjoying the invitation will stay here for a longer period of time, and that their stay in Trzebinia will be the source of new, unforgettable experiences.







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