Trzebinia, situated on the border of Silesia and Małopolska combines the best taste of both of these regions. However, apart from the dishes derived from the neighbours, every region creates its own unique taste. Trzebinia and the Neighbouring Chrzanów Area are famous for a delicious dish from potatoes with smoked bacon and spices. It is baked on open fire in a special cast-iron or earthenware pot.


Recipe for baked potatoes „prażonki”


For a middle size pot: 3 kg potatoes, 2 middle size carrots, 3 large onions, parsley leaves, 300 g smoked raw bacon, 0.5 kg sausage, 3 cabbage leaves, lard, salt and pepper



Set a small fire between two bricks. Peel and cut potatoes, carrots and onions into thick slices. Cut bacon and sausage into medium size slices. Grease the inside of the pot with lard and put a cabbage leaf on the bottom. Put a layer of potatoes, carrots and onions, add salt and pepper. On top of this layer put a layer of bacon and sausage, then another layer of potatoes and so on until the pot is full. Cover the top layer with a cabbage leaf. Cover all layers with the pot lid or turf, put the pot onto the fire and bake for approx. 40-50 minutes. After baking put the dish into a large bowl and serve it on plates. Bon appetit!


The first what come after reading this recipe is a feeling of being a little hungry, so we charmly invite to restaurants in Trzebinia - see the details