The Trzebinia District has been supporting and promoting sports activities and healthy lifestyle among the local population especially children and young people. Every year the town supports the activities of the local sports clubs (there are several in the district) and the organisation of various sports and recreational events. The biggest one is annual Recreactional Bike Race from Kraków to Trzebinia. Every time it attracts a few hundred of participants.


Football remains the most popular sport but volleyball, basketball, bodybuilding, table tennis, chess, eurofloorball, horse riding, rowing, hunting and floating and spinning fishing also have a number of fans.


The municipality conducts numerous investments in the development of sport and recreation - in recent years was built there: training ground for football players from MKS Trzebinia - Siersza, concrete skatepark in Krze and adapted space of the former bath at Mineshaft Zbyszek into a place for exercises and therapeutic and recreational activities. Also built new playgrounds and sports fields at schools and a gym in the open air at the estate ZWM.



Trzebinia can be really proud of its table tennis players from the Opoka Sports Club of the Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Virgin Mary who have participated in all-Poland sports events for several years. Opoka has dozens young members forming four table tennis teams. Here trains the whole representation of Polish people with disabilities in the category No 11 Effective-Together, who regularly win medals at European and World Championships.



Another sports star of Trzebinia is the Parish Student Sports Club Trójka of the Elementary School No. 3. The spirit and commitment of our sportsmen and -women helped three of our teams get to the finals of the Polish Eurofloorball Championship. Trójka was the only sports club in Poland that achieved this.



The riders from the Municipal Water Sports Club “Trzebinia” reach very good results on the canoeing racetrack in Poland, Europe and worldwide. The alumni of this club are included in the Polish national team at the European Championships and the World Championships in canoeing.




There are several bathing places in Trzebinia frequented in the summer: “Balaton”, Lake Chechło, the recreational resort of the Power Plant Siersza on the banks of Kozi Bród and Lake Gliniak in Bolęcin. The indoor swimming pool complex MZN Sp. z o. o. is open all year round for citizens and tourists of all ages who can spend their time there in an interesting and active way.