Forests, blooming meadows and other worth seeing sights which could satisfy your need to be close to nature are not in short supply in Trzebinia commune. This warm invitation is directed to all the people interested in hiking along numerous tourist trails, cycle paths as well as didactic paths that lead to the most interesting spots in the commune. You can get to know the value of the Dulowa Primeval Forest thanks to the wildlife-forest path, whereas three hiking trails will take you to other attractive places in the commune. The climate is temperate - the average temperature in July is 19°C (67°F), but it can easy rise to 30°C (86°F).


The followers of active relaxation in water are particularly advised to visit the recreational resorts on the Chechło reservoir, the Kozi Bród reservoir, summer time open-air swimming-place called "Balaton" and try attractions offered by the indoor swimming-pool in Trzebinia.




Indoor Swimming Pool MZN Sp. z o.o. on 10a Kruczkowskiego street in Trzebinia invites you seven days a week between 6.00 and 22.00 – no matter whether you love swimming, you want rest in jaccuzi, have a sauna or visit a gym; in Trzebinia, you will find something for you. Here, you can take part in water classes under the supervision of competent trainers specializing in swimming, aqua aerobics and rehabilitation.



  • Sports swimming pool - YES
  • Recreational swimming pool - YES
  • Swimming lessons - YES
  • Swimming lessons for babies - YES
  • Family changing rooms - YES
  • Finnish sauna and Roman steam bath - YES
  • Equipment rental service - YES
  • Car park - YES
  • Possibility of purchasing a meal – YES


Touristic routes


We would like to warmly invite everyone who is interested in hikes on trails, bicycle paths and teaching paths that lead through the most interesting spots of nine village groups of Trzebinia.

mloszowa palace

Orange Trail

  • The trail begins nearby the Zespół Pałacowo - Parkowy in Młoszowa (Park and Palace Complex in Młoszowa) and leads through Góra Bartoska (Bartoska Mountain), nature reserve Ostra Góra, the hill Bialny Dół in Psary and a rock called Martwica Karniowicka to a unique in Europe kurghan (a kind of grave situated under the artificial mound of earth) in Karniowice.
  • The touristic path begins at the Zespół Pałacowo - Parkowy in Młoszowa on the left side of Krakowska Street; you can get there from the centre of Trzebinia on the bus no. 15. Right after the main gateway you have to go left then cross a stone bridge and a little square covered with limestone flagstones close to a palace. A smaller and sharp gateway leads to a park located on a hillwhich is a great place to admire the resources of nature of Trzebinia.The special specimens of a lime tree, tulip tree, magnolia and dogwood became monuments of nature.
  • The trail leads straight along Florkiewicz Street then nearby bus stop Młoszowa Góra I (Młoszowa Hill I) it turns right behind a little bridge to Góra Bartoska Street and leads further to Góra Bartoska overgrown by interesting mix of many tree and plant species. The trees on the top of the hill and the fields on the east side of the hill make the way not easy to pass; that is why the trail turns back towards Florkiewicz Street.
  • By the bus stop Młoszowa Góra II the trail turns right to Karniowiecka Street. Along with the last buildings of the hill a tarmac road is over and trail changes into a dirt road kept in good order. On a crossroad you have to turn right to go to the nature reserve Ostra Góra created to protect Carpathians beeches. Among young trees that overgrow Ostra Góra there also are fancy bent beeches above 200 year-old, moreover, along the ridge of the hill you can find traces of former development heading and ruins called locally "Owczarnia".
  • The trail leads to the East through a path at the end of the reserveand then it goes to Ostra Góra Street in Psary. Behind the bus stop Ostra Góra the trial turns left into a path that leads to the hill Bialny Dół in Psary where once limestone was extracted. It is one of the most beautiful places of nature in that villageyou can find there protected species of plants and many other species of flowers and bushes.
  • The path bypasses the hill and leads to Wiśniowa Street in Psary then it leads down to the South through Modrzewiowa Street and Piaskowa Street and then Jana Pawła II Street in Psary and Władysława Łokietka Street in Karniowice. The trail turns left in Karniowice to Głogowa Street and goes to paths leading to Wyżynka Karniowiecka. There are outcrops of the rock called Martwica Karniowiecka, which is a unique in a geological scale. The second place of Martwica is situated in a nearby forest called Wyrąb.
  • The trail backs from Wyżynka Karniowiecka through Głogowa Street to Łokieteka Street, then it turns left to Spacerowa Street and leads to a modern cemetery in Karniowice built up as a form of a kurghan.
  • The further path goes to the west direction along Spacerowa Street then through Spacery Street and then you will find yourself in Florkiewicza Street above the Zespół Pałacowo-Parkowy in Młoszowa from where you can get to the centre of Trzebinia on the bus no. 15.


Blue Trail

  • The trail begins in Piła Kościelska by Zalew Chechło then passes by the rifle range of the Hunting Club „Diana" and leads to Skalna Street in Bolęcin and placed close to very unique in such a form of Triassic Rock then through the historic park in Bolęcin and around a stud farm right to the reservoir Gliniak.
  • The tourist path begins at the south bank of the Zalew Chechło, which is the biggest reservoir in the commune then it leads southeast along the reservoir bank through Chrzanowska Street. Next, the trail turns right and goes up through Graniczna Street in Piła Folwarczna, after that it passes by top of the hill at 305 m above sea level, subsequently turns left along Graniczna Street and leads down through Dębowa Street. The path crosses Krakowska Street and goes deep into a forest.
  • On the another side of a railroad line coming from Chrzanów-Stella to Bolęcin the trail turns left and comes out of the forest nearby the rifle range of the Koło Łowieckie (Hunting Club) "Diana" of Chrzanów.
  • Then the path goes parallel to Krakowska Street, at first through a dirt road at an edge of the forest and next along Skalna Street to a place where a unique (in a scale of Europe) rocky formation called Skałka Triasowa (Triassic Rock) is situated on a small hill. The top of the hill guarantees a great view to the local places and geological formation of Niecka Dulowska and Pagóry Jaworznickie.
  • The path leads further through a ridge of the hill to Kamienna Street. Then you can go down to Zakopiańska Street and from that place go to a park in Bolęcin or choose a dirt road which leads on the back of the buildings parallel to Zakopiańska Street. The another path will let you see a structure of stones that were used for building a wall surrounding the school in Bolęcin derived from the similar period like Skałka.
  • The trail goes to the back of the Ośrodek Zdrowia w Bolęcinie (the Health Centre in Bolęcin) and then leads through a park situated on a side of the Hill in Bolęcin. There are 6 of 27 trees and bushes that are protected species in the village as live monuments of nature. The path ends at reservoir "Gliniak"; we can go there if we turn from Handlowa Street in Bolęcin to Krakowska Street, and then turn right to Rekreacyjna Street and after a level crossing turn to Wczasowa Street.

ploki sanctuary

Green trail

  • The trail begins in the centre of Myślachowice then it goes through dirt roads and leads though tracts to interesting geological formations called Cisowe Skałki in Czyżówka, subsequently, it leads through tracts down the meanders of the brook called Kozi Bród to a place in Płoki where priest Michał Rapacz died. Next it leads straight to the Sanktuarium Matki Bożej Patronki Polskich Rodzin Robotniczych w Płokach (the Sanctuary of The Blessed Virgin The Patron Saint of Polish Workers' Families in Płoki).
  • The tourist path begins close to The Dom Kultury w Myślachowicach (The Community Centre in Myślachowice) from where it turns left to 22 Lipca Street, then turns right to Łąkowa Street that with last buildings changes into a dirt road and leads to a valley of river Kozi Bród.
  • Next, the trial goes deep into a forest and turns towards the northwest and leads to a tract parallel to the river. Nearby Czyżówka the trail turns right and come out of the forest near a little bridge by the river Kozi Bród. After crossing the bridge the path turns left to Długa Street and then turns right to Skalna Street. About halfway the path turns left to a tract and leads through sandy hills to the hill Cisowa and to place nearby geological formations called Cisowe Skałki.
  • From that place the trail goes down to the valley Kozi Bród leading down gently from Stara Czyżówka and Wilcza Góra to the west directionthen crosses the road from Czyżówka to Płoki and goes deep into the forest, going to the river Kozi Bród.
  • Next, the trail goes through a narrow path down the meanders of river Kozi Bród to the ruins of an old dam. From that place the trail goes slightly up through a sandy side of the hill, turns to the east to a path, which leads almost to the bus stop on Kasztanowa Street in Płoki.
  • When you cross Kasztanowa Street the trail leads through a tract at the end of buildings to the cross that is a reminiscence of the martyrdom death of priest Michał Rapacz who was a rector of Płok in years 1937 - 1946. From that place the trail leads through Źródlana Street and Główna Street to the Sanctuary of The Virgin Mary in Płoki that is situated about 1 km from the Cross. The Sanctuary is surrounded by beautiful trees. Three of them are listed as species that are live monuments of nature.




No matter if you prefer biking alone or with your family, no matter if you do this professionally or just for recreation; in Trzebinia, you will find a route for you. Numerous tourist trails have been set in such a way that they simultaneously lead to biologically interesting places and do not omit historic places. The most interesting places when it comes to views and nature (Green Pearls of Trzebinia) have been connected by three separate trails suitable for hiking and biking. Various thematic and scenic routes lead through Trzebinia, including an international pilgrimage trail from Częstochowa to Mariazell and the Renaissance trail in the Lesser Poland. Local routes are also linked with the Greenways trail.

- Total 116 km of attractive routes

- Trail around the entire commune: 49.1 km


Tourist Information


A place that every tourist may visit is the Promotion and Foreign Co-Operation Unit. The staff speak foreign languages and will be glad to give you thorough and up-to-date information about the city and region. Unfortunately the office is not open seven days a week, so at weekends you must enquire about tourist information and cultural events at the


Promotion and Foreign Co-Operation Unit
Narutowicza 10 St., Trzebinia
Tel. + 48 32 61-10-204
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